Partner With Me


I have been writing much longer than I have been blogging, and writing is my first love.  I enjoy keeping this blog because it affords me a place to share my writing with a large audience, but I am also actively seeking legitimate freelance writing opportunities.  I have experience writing on diverse topics but am most interested in writing on the topics most often featured in this blog (Christianity, theology and apologetics, women's issues, parenthood, humor).  I am the sole author of the written content on this blog, and if you are a publisher and you like what you see on Prisca's Voice, I'd love to hear from you.

Product and Book Reviews

I will occasionally mention books or products that I like on this blog.  If I have received a copy of the book or product for free from the company for the express purpose of providing a review, I will note this at the end of the post in compliance with FTC regulations.  But regardless of how I obtained the book or product, any opinions expressed will always be completely my own.

If you are a publisher and are interested in promoting your book on Prisca's Voice, I would ask that the topic of the book fall into one of the oft-discussed categories listed in the previous section.   I also ask that your company be willing to provide a duplicate copy of the book so that I can facilitate a giveaway, and that your company would ship the book to the winning party.  I do not have the facilities to ship items myself, but would love to share your product with my readers.

I do not typically discuss specific products on Prisca's Voice, so I do not do many product reviews.  However, I would be happy to consider a product review if the item fell into one of the following categories, since these categories all illustrate ideals that are important to me and promote products that I believe are worth sharing:
    - products related to juicing, as I did a seven day juice fast and featured it on this blog
    - athletic apparel, specifically running gear/shoes
    - Mac products, software, apps (I blog on a MacBook Pro and am rarely without my iPhone, so I have a good base of knowledge in this area)

With product reviews, I also ask that your company would be willing to provide a duplicate item for a giveaway and that your company would facilitate the mailing of the winner's prize when the giveaway ends.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.  I look forward to working with you!